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President’s Message

With this being my first article as the President of the Utah State Fire Chiefs Association (USFCA) I thought I would take a moment and let you know of the recent changes in the organization.  During our USFCA September meeting we elected a new presidency.  Election results are as follows;  President – Ron Morris, Fire Chief,  City of South Salt Lake, 1st Vice President – Mark Becraft, Fire Chief, North Davis Fire District, 2nd Vice President – Marc McElreath, Fire Chief, City of West Jordan, and Secretary/Treasurer – Jess Campbell, Fire Chief, City of Saratoga Springs.

It should also be noted Fire Chief Gil Rodriquez was appointed as Vice President to the Western Fire Chiefs Association (WFCA).  I would like to thank Chief Rodriquez for his guidance and leadership he provided as president and member of the executive board of UFSCA. Also, a vote of thanks to Fire Chief John Evans, who served as the Vice President to the WFCA for several years.  He stepped down during the September meeting.  Chief Evans was a great ambassador for our state at the western and national levels.

In the coming months, with the help of the Firefighters Credit Union staff, you should see some marked improvements to our website.  We are hopeful to have several new links to assist you with purchases, local and national trends, and opportunities for employment.  One of these links is Daily Dispatch, which is an internet based newsletter that publishes local, national, and international fire related stories.  It also has sections for employment opportunities, equipment purchases, and training opportunities. Simply go to to sign up.  If you are not signed up, I highly recommend it.

Another area we hope to improve upon is our interaction with our fire chiefs statewide.  Let me share with you our mission:

To further the professional advancement of the fire service.

To insure and maintain greater protection of life and property from fire, natural or man-made disaster.

To promote and maintain a close bond of friendship and understanding among Chiefs of Fire Departments in the State of Utah.

To promote policy.

To provide a medium of exchange for information and ideas between Fire Chiefs and to advocate or oppose legislation affecting the fire service.

In order to meet our mission we are committed to meeting as many fire chief’s face-to-face as possible across the state.  We would love to attend one of your county chiefs meetings to meet you and answer any questions you may have.  We are always discussing hot topic items like, legislative issues, mobile integrated health care, or the latest in strategy and tactics.

In closing let me say how honored I am to represent our state at different functions I attend.  In my opinion we have some of the finest people available in the fire service arena and it is a privilege to rub shoulders with you.  If I or any member of the executive board can do anything for you or your department please do not hesitate to reach out to us.